A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A game about single cells swimming in the primordial soup and making friends. Best enjoyed on high resolution monitors. Designed for touchpad, also works with regular mouse input. No instructions are provided: the fun of the game is to discover how to play it by trying yourself.

Pulse was made at the Global Game Jam 2013.


Tanja Borzel (game design + graphics)

Christiaan Janssen (game design + code)

Iwan Gabovitch (sound design)

Music: "water level" from "krank", by Legoluft (CC0)

Install instructions

Game made with Löve2D 0.9.1. It should work out of the box. If you have problems running the game, try to install Löve2d in your system. This should make sure that you have all the dependencies in place. If Löve2d runs but this game still doesn't, we are providing the love file so that you can run the game from Löve2D as a fallback solution.


Pulse_linux64.tar.gz 4 MB
Pulse_osx.dmg 5 MB
Pulse_win64.zip 5 MB
Pulse.love 2 MB