Duckwing vs Pirate Santa

Berlin Mini Game Jam November 2016
Art: Michael Hussinger
Code & SFX: Christiaan Janssen
Music: TMG - TelStar 1.9.1 (Creative Commons - Attribution CC-BY)
Game Engine: Löve2D v0.10.2 ( )
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike (CC-BY-SA)

Game Controls

cursor keys / wasd -- Move
ctrl / shift / space -- Shoot
twice move on a direction -- Dash

F11 -- Switch fullscreen
F3 -- Toggle sound on/off

Gamepad supported


The game is free to play in the browser (HTML5). If you like it and want to support the creators, you can purchase the downloadable version for Linux / OSX / Windows.

The browser version of the game is very experimental. If you experience problems that cannot be fixed by reloading the page, we can recommend the downloadable versions, which are more stable.


Duckwing_linux.tar.gz 13 MB
Duckwing_osx.dmg 6.4 MB
Download 5.4 MB